Welcome to my World. Although not as spectacular as the Aurora Borealis, I hope you will find something that keeps you returning to see more. Then, as a photographer who wishes to capture beauty on our planet, I will have tasted success. One can find beauty in any number of places; in a child’s smile or in another’s sad face, in a wide, wild desert landscape or in a close-up of a dragonfly’s shimmering wings. I have been fortunate to have travelled extensively, having visit every continent and over fifty different countries. I have met many beautiful people; in Africa, Asia, in South and North America and Australia,  you name it, they are there. I have thousands of images, but, regretfully, only a few of them are in my Portrait Gallery. Anyway, enough reading. You are impatient to visit the Galleries, so let’s get to it. Welcome! The World lives here.

By the way, I’ve published a number of photo books that can be viewed in the ‘Read me’ section and may be purchased. Please email me if you’re interested.